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Smart Workforce is a highly cost-effective recruitment tool that leverages smart automations and AI to deliver efficient but high quality recruitment solutions at a considerably lower cost.  Smart Workforce offers three service options, Select, Essential and Premier.  

Smart Workforce

Smart Workforce delivers a recruitment outsourcing solution to take away the pain points of traditional insourced processes. With a range of service options and features including candidate Video Screening, Psychometric assessments and an integrated Customer Portal, Smart Workforce facilitates professionally outsourcing your candidate search and selection processes at previously unachievable pricing.

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Inclusions & Pricing

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Client Portal

Smart Workforce provides an easy mechanism to allow customers to access their own unique portal where they can view their shortlisted applications, make notes and update applicant’s status and collaborate with other staff involved in the decision making process. This saves times and reduces errors by holding the information in once place. Each application includes the candidates psychometric assessments or video screening snapshots, resumes and cover letters, making it very easy to view all the information on the screen without needing to download or print documents.


Cost effective

Our solution offers unbeatable value, providing lower prices than any competitor or insourcing option, with added benefits such as psychometric assessments to enhance hiring fit and a video screening option to save time by avoiding interviews with unsuitable candidates.


With streamlined processes and efficient systems in place, it becomes quicker to place ads, quicker to shortlist candidates, and quicker to find the preferred candidate for the job.


Our platform has a pure recruitment focus, ensuring that every feature is designed to streamline the hiring process and connect employers with top talent efficiently. With constantly evolving tools and features, our platform is dedicated to supporting improved hiring outcomes.


“As a larger community services organisation which is growing at a really reasonable rate, we’re constantly recruiting to help keep up with demand. But without an internal recruitment function, we have to redirect our management towards this which takes far more time away from other activities, and all that comes with a considerable intrinsic cost. That’s why we’ve been working with ANSON Smart Workforce. Over the past 6 months, their advertising, shortlisting, and interview co-ordination service has easily saved us time and money – and it’s all been done better (we estimate the calibre of shortlisted applicants we’re now seeing has gone up by 95%). Our managers report we’re probably saving about 2 weeks per position. The values psychometric reports are valuable, not just in making recruitment decisions but in identifying where we might need to give them extra support as they onboard. Understanding applicants in this way is key for us because, as we like to say: we can teach skills, but we can’t teach values! Would we recommend and use them again? Anytime!”

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Sue Clements

(Chief Executive Officer: Community Home Care)

“After the April 2020 Covid lockdown, we had an influx of new people needing our support — but not enough support workers to meet the almost instant demand. Our small recruitment team wasn’t able to fulfil the bulk recruitment needed in such a short timeframe so we looked to ANSON Smart Workforce to help us out. They assisted with advertising, applications and pre-screening so that we had a purposeful shortlist that was interview ready. The behaviour and values reports provided more insight into candidates, and they also gave us example interview questions. We ended up achieving 60% of our recruitment target (which is a big achievement in our industry) and we know we wouldn’t have gotten the same results in that time without partnering with ANSON Smart Workforce.”

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Tonya McDonnell

(Recruitment & Fleet Management Officer: Workpower)

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