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Our Board recruitment service includes advertising, shortlisting, reference checks and interviewing. 

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Our Solutions

In the recruitment and consulting field, ANSON has a rare understanding of the needs of the public and social sector through over 15 years of exclusive focus in this space and through the direct involvement of our team with not-for-profit Boards. Prior to the development of this community sector focused business, ANSON operated in the commercial business space and this combined experience allows us to look at a range of possible candidates from this broad background.  We are able to combine our sector knowledge and dynamic candidate pool with candidate analysis options such as DISC or our in house developed values and behavioural traits psychometric testing. We also offer an extension of our testing processes to include a teams assessment which provides Boards with a view of the likely ‘fit’ of new Board member(s) with the existing Board culture and behavioural style mix. Our knowledge and processes all combine with our fee structure, which recognises the cost pressures faced by not for profits, resulting in a high value for money, outstanding Board recruitment service.

Added Value

Why Outsource

Most not for profit Boards in Australia are voluntary and therefore in general time poor. Combine this with the reality of that commonly there aren’t formal Board recruitment structures and processes in place nor a database of candidates or a tracking system to manage applications effectively. Many organisations also lack sufficient profile to drive a high quality short list. All of which adds up to a task that is difficult to manage effectively and often delivers disappointing results. ANSON can alleviate all of these issues and more.

Service Options

ANSON has been continually developing our approach to recruitment practices and analysing the value proposition we provide above and beyond the provision of a great candidate. Our Board recruitment services include the following options specifically designed to deliver the candidate and the organisation the best chance for a successful recruitment outcome: DISC or ANSON’s proprietary Values & Behavioural Traits psychometric assessments; Team Profile assessment; Advertised or directed search; 12 month replacement guarantee; The production of an induction pack; Blind or branded advertising; Background & reference checks and Review or development of a Board Job Description


We attract high quality people – people who share your vision for the sector, your organisation and your values. We "get it" with several of our consultants having committed to volunteer their personal time as board members of not-for-profit organisations. Our Consultants are from multidisciplinary backgrounds including management, service delivery and community services, so we understand the challenges and opportunities within the not-for-profit sector. We implement best practice quality systems, information technology and selection processes that ensure consistency of performance and service.

Fee Structure

Our commitment to your organisation doesn't end with the recruitment process. We provide ongoing support and guidance to both your board and new board members. Our consultants are available to assist with onboarding, training, and board development initiatives to ensure a seamless transition and maximise the effectiveness of your board.

Additional Options

Psychometric Profiling

Board recruitment is often focused purely on Board member experience and particularly in the not for profit sector, the importance of values alignment and positive behavioural traits is ignored. ANSON has developed psychometric assessment specifically for the not for profit sector enabling a very cost effective view of a candidate’s Values and Behavioural traits which we can provide for each shortlisted candidate presented.

Team Profile Assessment

Leveraging ANSON’s psychometric assessment tools, we can provide your Board with key insights into the Board’s behavioural dynamics and values alignment. This type of team analysis will identify areas of strong team cohesion and measure the level of alignment within the team towards desired values. Importantly in the context of Board recruitment, it allows you to build a picture of what values/behavioural gaps exist within your team so you can recruit with this in mind. The assessment also provides an overview of which values are the strongest within a team so you can maximise on this, a particularly important aspect of Board effectiveness in the not for profit sector. Shared values and their corresponding behaviours underpin team relationships and positive team work. Through out Team Profile Assessment, we can help you to better assess how a new Board member may or may not fit with the existing team dynamic.

Advertised or Director Search

For some Board Director requirements, a standard advertised approach is sufficient to draw an appropriate volume of quality candidates from which to select and shortlist. There are however circumstances where the greater cost of a search based process is justified. In this situation, ANSON leverages our database containing details of over 10,000 individuals who currently work in or aspire to work in the community services sector and over 800 of these who currently occupy senior positions. Additionally we utilise LinkedIn and other network and database tools to expand the source of potential candidates. As an indication of the strength of our database search capabilities, ANSON has historically sourced over 65% of short-listed candidates from our database and executive search activities.

Blind or Branded Advertising

ANSON generally recommend blind advertising so the identity of the organisation we are recruiting for remains confidential in the initial phases. This is specifically intended to attract enquiries from a broad candidate pool who are genuinely interested in the role and who are unable to form a view on the client organisation without further information. This enables us to speak to the candidate and ensure they are given a balanced, current and informed briefing on the organisation and the role whilst also allowing ANSON to ascertain the candidate’s potential suitability. There are certainly circumstances however where you may prefer the use of your company logo and details. ANSON is happy to work in either fashion.

Induction Pack

Our Consultants can work with you to develop a tailored Board Induction Pack that underpins a smooth, insightful, and effective transition for your new board members. We can help build a pack that includes elements such as a welcome letter, organisational overview, Board Structure and Responsibilities, Governance policies and so on.

Replacement Guarantee

ANSON is pleased to offer the backing of our recruitment process with an industry leading 12 month replacement guarantee for Board appointments. Each Board appointment will be guaranteed for a period of 12 months from commencement of employment. If a candidate in a permanent placement is deemed unsatisfactory or unsuitable for the position by the client within the stated period, ANSON will replace the candidate free of charge. For full details please refer to our standard terms of business.

Background Checks

If required, ANSON can undertake the preparation and management of background screening checks to confirm the preferred candidate’s qualifications as per their resume. ANSON will utilise the services of CV Check to conduct comprehensive screening. ANSON do not charge a margin for this service, it is simply passed on to the client at cost.

Position Description

An often overlooked element of an effective Board is appropriately designed position descriptions. ANSON is well qualified to assist in the review or development of comprehensive and tailored Board Position Descriptions. Our consultants work with you to craft precise and impactful position descriptions that align with your organisation's unique goals and culture. By outlining roles, responsibilities, and expectations with clarity, we ensure that your board members are empowered to contribute effectively, fostering a culture of collaboration.

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