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Leadership & Skill

A modern organisation requires leaders to have and to continually improve their skills and knowledge. With our bespoke, best practice approach,  our team can provide a broad range of coaching, training and supporting services to your aspiring and seasoned leaders.

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In today's dynamic business landscape, Leaders play a crucial role in driving organisational success. They are the architects of employee engagement, champions of diversity and inclusion, and strategic partners in talent acquisition and retention. However, to effectively fulfill these responsibilities, Leaders need to continuously develop their skills, stay ahead of industry trends, and cultivate their leadership abilities. Our Leadership Development program is designed to equip your team with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to excel in their roles and elevate your organisation to new heights. Our Leadership Development program is a comprehensive and tailored solution that combines cutting-edge training, real-world case studies, and interactive workshops to nurture the next generation of leaders. We understand that each organisation has unique needs and challenges, which is why our program is customisable to address your specific requirements. Whether your leaders need to enhance their strategic thinking, improve their communication skills, or develop their ability to drive organisational change, our program provides them with the guidance and resources they need to excel.


ANSON's Leadership Development Program has been designed specifically for the Community Sector and can be customised to your individual organisational needs. ANSON understands the critical role played by Community Sector leaders and the need to provide leaders with the tools to not just succeed but to be the absolute best leader they can be. Our Program builds upon the desired behaviours and values within your organisation. Each program is designed to provide useable skills and knowledge that support the way in which your leaders and their teams contribute and collaborate to achieve a quality of service that will make a difference to the lives of the clients you serve. Through inspiring a high performance culture, your leaders will feel capable and confident to achieve strategic outcomes whilst ensuring their people are managed and engaged effectively.

Program Overview

ANSON’s Leadership Development program is a blend of theory, classroom learning, applied reflection and practice in the workplace. Modules are delivered regularly over time providing your people with the opportunity to work together on relevant business-related challenges and embed their learning. We utilise leadership profiling tools including the Extended DISC to understand a leader’s style and areas of possible focus. We also can coordinate the training and logistics for you to support your organisation and minimise administration impact.

Assessment Tools

Within our training approaches, we often incorporate self-reflection and assessment tools and use a range of these to fit in with an organisations needs. These include Extended DISC, PROSCI (change management), Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument and Five Dysfunctions of a Team Assessment.

Program Delivery

The program delivery comprises the formal learning (classroom training, workshops and elearning), learning through others (coaching and mentoring, community of practice and working with peers and role models) and learning and development through experience (reflective practice, on the job learning and problem solving and practicing new skills and capability).

HR Skill Development

The role of Human Resources (HR) is evolving rapidly. To stay ahead of the curve and contribute effectively to organisational success, HR professionals must continuously enhance their skill sets. HR skill building is not just about staying current with industry trends; it's about developing the capabilities to tackle complex challenges, foster employee engagement, and drive meaningful change across the organisation. Our HR mentoring is designed to equip HR professionals with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to excel in their roles. Whether you're a seasoned HR leader or just starting your career in HR, our Consultants cater to all levels of expertise and bring with them a wealth of practical experience and industry insights.

Problem Solving Skills

Develop critical thinking abilities and enhance your capacity to identify and address complex HR challenges effectively.

Organisational Change

Gain the expertise to drive impactful change initiatives, align HR practices with business objectives, and contribute to strategic decision-making.

High Performance

Develop the leadership skills necessary to cultivate a high-performing HR team and drive a culture of continuous improvement.

DISC Profiling

ANSON are accredited providers of the Extended DISC® Behavioural Assessment and use this to specialise in helping teams and individuals to gain deep insights into their behavioral styles and preferences. Using this renowned tool, we offer comprehensive profiling services that empower individuals to understand themselves better, improve communication and collaboration, and maximise their personal and professional potential. Extended DISC® Behavioural Assessment commences with a self-assessment that measures an individual's natural (unconscious) behavioural style as well as their adjusted (conscious) style. It is a pragmatic and easy to understand assessment which supports an organisation, individual or team through the provision of powerful insights that can provide immediate and tangible actions to improve team cohesiveness, improve and enhance engagement, recognise areas for growth and improvement as well as providing the insights to minimise workplace stress.

Individual Assessments

We provide comprehensive DISC assessments for individuals, allowing them to gain an in-depth understanding of their behavioral preferences. Through a series of carefully designed questions, the assessment generates a personalised report that highlights their strengths, communication style, potential areas for growth, and strategies for maximising their effectiveness. One of our accredited consultants, will meet with you to provide a full debriefing experience, and take you through your insights and work with you to consider areas of focus and support you in taking key learnings into action.

Team and Group Assessments

We offer DISC profiling services for teams and groups to enhance communication, collaboration, and synergy. By analysing the individual DISC profiles within a team, we identify potential areas of compatibility and conflict, enabling team members to leverage their strengths and adapt their communication styles for better teamwork. Where team members understand a little more about how each other work, the platform is set for improved communication and understand and seriously effective team working.

Leadership Development

Our DISC profiling services are particularly valuable for leadership development. We help leaders gain insights into their leadership styles, strengths, and areas for improvement. This knowledge enables them to adapt their approach, communicate more effectively, and build stronger relationships with their teams, ultimately leading to improved leadership effectiveness and team performance. As an add on, we are pleased to offer leadership coaching to build upon the DISC assessment and have had great success embedding the DISC assessment as part of leadership development programs.

Communication & Development

DISC profiling provides a powerful framework for improving communication and resolving conflicts. By understanding their own and others' communication styles, individuals can adapt their approach to better connect with and influence others. We provide practical strategies for leveraging these insights to foster positive relationships and resolve conflicts more effectively. DISC profiling can guide individuals in making informed career decisions. By identifying their behavioral strengths and preferences, individuals can align their career choices with roles that suit their natural inclinations and strengths. We offer guidance on career planning, development opportunities, and strategies for maximising career success based on your DISC profile.

Employee Retention

Employee retention is crucial for the success of any organisation. Losing talented and experienced employees not only disrupts workflow but also leads to increased recruitment and training costs. By implementing effective employee retention strategies, you can create a positive work culture, foster employee engagement, and enhance loyalty. Our solutions are designed to address the unique needs of your organisation and keep your top performers motivated, committed and retained.

Performance & Development Programs

With unemployment in Australia remaining at historic lows, competition for talent in the community sector is strong. This reality, coupled with budget limitations on salary increments, has resulted in the need to look at alternative mechanisms to drive staff engagement and reduce turnover. ANSON is experienced with Reward and Recognition programs and can assist your organisation in developing programs that acknowledge outstanding employee contributions, provide growth opportunities, training, and mentorship all designed to foster employee growth and in turn loyalty.

Competitive Remuneration and Benefits

For roles and organisations with some degree of salary freedom, ANSON can help you ensure your compensation packages are competitive, attractive, and aligned with industry standards.

Work-Life Balance Initiatives

Promote a healthy work-life balance is not only a positive organisational culture approach but it can also provide for a non (or lower) cash-based retention tool. Options can include flexible work arrangements, paid time off and leave options, family-friendly policies, wellness programs, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), Professional Development opportunities, employee recognition, caregivers support and so on. ANSON Consultants can help you work through appropriate programs for your organisation from concept through to implementation.

Change Management

In today's dynamic Public and Social Sector landscape, organisations need to adapt and evolve to stay competitive. Change is inevitable and can often feel never ending. Whether it's implementing new technologies, restructuring, mergers, compliance changes, funding model changes or cultural transformations. Effective change management is essential to minimise resistance, maximise employee engagement, avoid change fatigue and achieve the desired outcomes. It ensures that the entire organisation is prepared for and embraces change, leading to increased productivity, improved morale, and successful implementation. ANSON's PROSCI accredited consultants usually work with our preferred model ADKAR however we have a number of change models that we use to support your specific needs and your change journey.

Change Readiness Assessment

Before embarking on a change process, we can assist you to understand your organisation's readiness for change. Through analysing factors such as organisational culture, leadership alignment, communication effectiveness and employee engagement levels, we can identify areas of strength and potential barriers, which would underpin the development of the change management strategy. We often assist in the consultation that occurs prior to change and use focus groups and 1:1 discussion to then provide key insights to an organisation of any change resistance or barriers to change. Feedback from clients is consistent that this is critical work that allows them to commence a change process, mindful of the potential issues and forms a valuable part of change planning.

Change & Stakeholder Strategy

Strategy and planning will ideally be based on a set of assessment readiness findings and in close collaboration with you, we develop a comprehensive change strategy and plan. This includes defining clear goals and objectives, outlining key milestones, identifying stakeholders, and crafting effective communication and engagement strategies. Our goal is to ensure that your organisation has a well-defined roadmap for navigating the change process. Engaging stakeholders throughout the change process is vital for success. We help you identify and understand your stakeholders, assess their concerns and expectations, and develop targeted engagement strategies. We facilitate open and transparent communication channels, conduct workshops, and provide training to ensure stakeholders are informed, involved, and supportive of the change initiative.

Communication and Training

Effective communication is at the heart of successful change management. We assist you in developing a comprehensive communication plan that addresses key messages, timing, and channels. Our Consultants help craft compelling and consistent change messages that resonate with employees at all levels. We support you in delivering clear, timely, and transparent communication to create a shared understanding and manage expectations throughout the change process. Equipping employees with the necessary skills and knowledge is crucial for successful change implementation. We design and deliver training programs tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. Our training focuses on building change resilience, enhancing adaptability, and providing employees with the tools and resources to embrace and thrive during the transition.

Change Implementation and Monitoring

We support you during the implementation phase, providing guidance, monitoring progress, and addressing challenges that may arise. Our Consultants work closely with your project teams, ensuring that the change initiatives stay on track, milestones are achieved, and risks are managed effectively. We monitor the impact of the change, gather feedback, and make necessary adjustments to optimise outcomes.

Workforce Planning

In today's environment, workforce is generally the number one issue for business and HR leaders to manage. ANSON understands how essential a skilled, motivated, and change ready workforce is in ensuring your clients receive the care they need. Having the right people in the right place at the right time is key to achieving this objective. This is where effective workforce planning comes into play! Workforce planning is the process of identifying your organisation's current and future staffing needs, based on its business objectives and anticipated changes in the external environment. It involves analysing an organisation's current workforce, forecasting future needs, and developing strategies to recruit, retain, and develop employees to meet those needs.

Workforce analysis & Forecasting

We analyse your current workforce to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement and we consider this against where you need to be in the future. We use data analysis and industry trends to forecast future staffing needs. We look at where you are now and where you want to be – this gap is the focus of your workforce plan.

Succession Planning

We help you identify key positions and develop strategies to ensure a smooth transition when key employees leave.

Recruitment & Optimisation

We develop strategies to attract and retain top talent. We help you optimise your workforce to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Skill Development

We identify skills gaps and develop training and development programs to close them. At times this may include the development of a capability or competency framework. One successful strategy we have worked with many of our clients on has been the establishment of a training program for talent – so this could be working with a training provider to bring opportunities to your organisation for trainees, placements etc. Other successful initiatives ANSON have developed include graduate training schemes and University partnerships.

Morale Issues

We recognize that staff morale plays a crucial role in the success of any organisation. When your employees feel motivated, engaged, and satisfied, their productivity improves. Our team understands the complexities of managing and improving staff morale in a difficult and stressful industry. We work closely with your organisation to develop tailored strategies that address the unique needs and challenges you face.

Diagnosis and Assessment

ANSON can assist with addressing morale issues with an inital approach focused on a comprehensive approach to identify and understand the factors contributing to the low morale among employees. We do this through conducting surveys, interviews, and focus groups to gather feedback from employees and identify specific areas of concern. We can also analyse organisational culture, communication channels, leadership styles and the work environment to identify potential sources of morale issues.

Solution Options

Low morale can be improved with focus on a number of potential business areas. Some of these areas can include leadership training and development, training and coaching to leaders, improvements to communication, Recognition and Reward Programs, identification of career development and growth pathways, work-life balance approaches, improvements to conflict resolution, training on stress management and resilience and so on.

Team Building

The Public and Social Sector is a people-based sector and consequently one of the biggest contributors to success is building strong and cohesive teams. When teams work together effectively, they can achieve remarkable results, foster innovation, and enhance employee satisfaction which in turn leads to higher attraction and retention rates. ANSON’s team of experienced Consultants can help you build high-performing teams that are motivated, collaborative, and aligned with your mission.

Team Assessment

Understanding where your team sits as a baseline is the start of any team building process. We can work with you to conduct comprehensive assessments to evaluate the strengths and areas for improvement within your teams. We use a variety of assessment tools and methodologies to identify factors that impact team dynamics such as communication styles, roles and responsibilities and interpersonal relationships. This assessment helps us tailor our team building interventions to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Team Building Workshops

We design and facilitate engaging team building workshops tailored to your organisation's goals and challenges. These workshops include a mix of experiential activities, interactive discussions, and skill-building exercises that promote team bonding, communication, problem-solving and collaboration. Our workshops are designed to be enjoyable, inclusive, and impactful and ultimately foster a positive team culture.

Communication Enhancement

Effective communication is essential for building strong teams. We provide training and workshops focused on improving team communication skills. We address topics such as active listening, giving and receiving feedback, conflict resolution, and effective meeting facilitation. By enhancing communication within your teams, we promote understanding, trust, and collaboration.

Team Development Programs

We offer long-term team development programs that provide ongoing support and guidance to your teams. These programs include a combination of training sessions, coaching, and team-building activities aimed at strengthening team dynamics, enhancing leadership skills, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. We work closely with team leaders and members to address specific challenges and develop strategies for long-term success.

HR Business Partnering

More so than ever, Human Resources play a critical role in driving organisational success. However, it takes more than just having a dedicated HR team to achieve optimal results. It requires competence & capability, that is, the expertise, skills, and knowledge necessary to operate is a complete solution for your organisation. ANSON's Consulting team often works alongside your in-house HR team as both a provider of support and also a provider of coaching and development for your team. When a gap exists in a team, our goal is not to plug that gap with an ANSON resource on an ongoing basis but to help the team to develop the skills and capability to perform that function without our support.

Streamlining Processes

In the quest to achieve quality and compliance outcomes, organisational processes can sometimes become burdensome bureaucracy. With our experience across the social and commercial sectors, big organisations and small, we understand how an optimised HR operation can be a genuine business benefit and not a handbrake holding the organisation back. We can work with you to streamline your processes and build efficient and productive people systems.

Employee Performance & Development

Historically, performance management and even employee development have not been afforded the importance a modern and effective Social business requires. With the ever present quest for efficiency, service quality and organisational sustainability, a robust performance management system that aligns individual goals with organisational objectives and foster a high-performance culture is increasingly a must have. ANSON's experienced consultants can support your organisation to develop and imbed performance frameworks and corresponding development initiatives.

Strategy Development

Ensure your HR strategy aligns with your business goals and objectives, enabling HR to contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Risk Management

Ensuring your HR strategy aligns with your mission, goals and objectives is a key starting point for the effectiveness of your HR team. We can help you to develop your HR strategy outlining amongst other areas; support for your mission, vision and values; talent acquisition and onboarding; training and development; performance management; succession planning; compensation structure and so on. ANSON's Consulting team brings commercial and social sector experience to underpin the HR strategy development process.

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