recruitment process

ANSON's comprehensive recruitment process has been tested and proven through 4000+ recruitment assignments. ANSON delivers reliable, high quality recruitment outcomes.

Summary of Process Stages:

Stage 1 - Scope Assignment

The integrity of ANSON's assignment-scoping methodology ensures a comprehensive understanding of our client's requirements. It is through adherence to this thorough scoping process that we are able to maximize the likelihood of a successful recruitment outcome. If role scoping is done poorly it increases the likelihood that key elements of a given role will be missed, resulting in a placement wherein a candidate’s skill set is not appropriate for the position. ANSON’s methodology negates this possibility by taking extra steps to gain insight into the role, well before candidate determination is made. As with any project, it is the quality of the initial scoping exercise that determines the quality of the outcome.

Stage 2 - Source Candidates

  • ANSON candidates are sourced for recruitment assignments from many places, including:
  • ANSON's database of over 20,000 local candidates
  • ANSON's website as well as the top internet job billboards
  • Deploying referral marketing: working through established jobseeker networks
  • Other personalised directed search initiatives

Stage 3 - Screen Applicants

ANSON pre-screens all applicants and provides initial check point feedback to the client. If the process has attracted an adequate number of quality applicants, formal screening is then undertaken.

Formal screening typically includes a resume review and telephone interviews to measure applicant eligibility. If required we may conduct a suite of psychological tests and work sample testing.

Stage 4 - Select Finalists

When the screening process has determined applicant eligibility, the ANSON interview is structured along behavioural lines in order to measure applicant suitability.

Stage 5 - Secure Winner/s

ANSON will usually select three or four finalists for permanent positions. A finalist is an applicant that is both eligible and suitable for our client's position. In this way, ANSON can assure our clients that all candidates that make the final cut can do the job.

Once final candidates are selected, we prepare a report on all finalists then, with the client's timeline top of mind, coordinate client-candidate interviews. On occasion, ANSON will also attend this interview.

After the interview, ANSON receives our client's feedback and proceeds with full reference checks with the chosen finalists and, on selected assignments, psychological tests.

Based on these results, ANSON solicits approval from our client to negotiate an offer and secure the successful finalist, the winner.

Stage 6 - Finalise File

When the assignment is complete, ANSON seeks formal feedback from our client on our recruitment performance. ANSON then ensures that all aspects of the assignment's administration, including relaying adequate feedback to all applicants and finalists, is finalised.

Stage 7 - Performance Review

While it is recognised that some roles require a longer period before an accurate assessment of a recruit's performance can be gauged, the success of ANSON's recruitment is validated at the performance review. This typically falls at three months, in accordance with the statutory probation period.