Why Use A Professional Resume Service?

The internet is an amazing resource and is positively littered with information to help you write your own winning resume. However just as there is information about exercise programs, most people prefer to use a personal trainer if they can. Equally, there is myriad information informing you about how to invest but the proliferation of financial advisors tells us that again, we prefer to use professional assistance. Writing a top quality resume is exactly the same. Like the overwhelming majority of our clients, it is highly likely you are dealing with challenges that in reality the free information on the internet is not able to resolve.

Examples include the difficulty of:

  • Being a graduate with little or no work experience 
  • A migrant with no Australian work experience 
  • Making the most of a long career history 
  • Managing work history "gaps" or frequent role changes 
  • Compiling appropriate achievements 
  • Being between roles 
  • Looking for promotion rather than a sideways movement 
  • Ensuring your disability or illness is not a source of discrimination